The Garnered x Romy Northover by Sami Barker

“It’s very humbling and it’s a very beautiful medium,” says Northover of working in clay. “Equally very strong and rigid, but then fragile at the same time.”

Thanks to The Garnered for exploring my process and inspiration for my Fracture series. Read the full article here.

COOL EARTH by Romy Northover

No. is supporting COOL EARTH 50% from online sales will be donated to COOL EARTH, dedicated to saving the rain forests. images below from Cool Earth.

CONTINENTAL at China Heights by evita rodriguez

CONTINENTAL is the first solo exhibition held on Australian soil by English-born ceramic artist Romy Northover, who now works in the USA. Revisiting memories of travel within continental Europe, Northover found herself preoccupied with our innate relationship to land mass - in its most basic sense - the earth and our primeval connection to it.

CONTINENTAL, China Heights Gallery, curated by Kara Town

Images by Kara Town and Scott Lowe

BlackBook Feature on SALON NO. by Romy Northover

Photography: Shanita Sims Text: Sophia Haney Montanez + Elizabeth  Baudouin

Photography: Shanita Sims

Text: Sophia Haney Montanez + Elizabeth  Baudouin

Click HERE to read the full article on Black Book

In the age of digital media and short attention spans, Salon No. Living with Design is set up to view as quickly as your last Snapchat story. On Tuesday, September 13th, artist Romy Northover will host a one-day event to bring a new kind of presentation to fashion week. Here she will integrate a lifestyle and design element to the perpetual runway showings. Happening just down the street from Spring Studios, Salon No. showcases Northover’s new collection in NES Creative‘s downtown loft to reimagine the space through her signature Ancient Future aesthetic.