Photography: Shanita Sims

Styling: Romy Northover | No.

Model: Geli Forlefac

Editorial featured on NEST TOGETHER - All ceramics glass and jewelry available for pre-order through No.

Look 1:
Ivory coat - Protagonist
Black mini briefs - Marks and Spencer
Rock from Iceland

Look 2:
Snakeskin cuff- Celine
Indian pyjama shirt
Vintage - Levis
White textured ceramic vase - No.

Look 3:
Organic Cotton white T shirt
Vintage - Levis
Gold Cuff - No.
Gold Crush earrings - No.
Handblown glass with cut line - No.

Look 4:
Vintage black body - Jasper Conran
Gloss black bowl - No.

Look 5:
Vintage white Body - Marie Helvin
Vintage - Levi's
White Porcelain Bowl with black fracture line - No.

Look 6:
Japanese men's dressing gown
Large black Vase - No.

Look 7:
Men's white cotton indian pj pants (part of a kurta set)
White Shino Tea bowl - No.
Gold Minimal Cuff - No.