No. Cherry Blossom Hi Collection / by Romy Northover

I have put the new No. Spring Collection up in the KATAKANA store The Hi Collection is a series of thrown pots in white stonewear. The glaze has gentle pink blush. The Cherry Blossom Hi collection was created specifically to go with the KATAKANA event in Randall's Island NYC. Shino and I will be making Cherry Blossom Salt and doing a Demonstration on how to do so at the 'Hanumi' Cherry Blossom Festival

'Sakura' - Cherry blossom is washed, pickled in plum vinegar and then salted and the result is this extremely delicate beautiful edible flower which can be used in cooking or in tea. We started by picking the blossom last week and it is a 10 day process... we are super excited to see the results on Friday.