'Sargasso' at The Line / by Romy Northover

Delighted to have my large coffee table bowl 'Sargasso' in at The LineThis piece is a large (18x18) coiled coffee table bowl:

“I wanted the mood of the piece to have elegance and lift, but also a depth and stability,” says Romy Northover of this large, hand-built bowl that is intended for a coffee table. “It was supremely important that it has an open lip, to gently guide the eye in when viewed from above or a seated position.” Each unique bowl is crafted from black clay using the coil method. The deep blue slip and white brushstrokes are a nod to the waters of the Sargasso Sea, a unique, shoreless region of the North Atlantic that is defined by its circular current stream. Adds Northover, “Seas can symbolize a different kind of consciousness, both mighty and mysterious.”

All images courtesy of THE LINE