'Shape Transmission' - Ceramics and design interpreted in Movement / by Romy Northover

MAY 14th | 3-5PM SHOWING / 4pm PERFORMANCE-at Baryshnikov Arts Center NY exploring movement, geometry, shapes in ceramics and dance.

The installation/performance is about exploring the expansive relationship of ceramics and space. We are opening up the movements of the process, the shapes and angles made by the body while working clay. In ceramics you can see the presence of the artist's hand in the piece, as a solidified imprint of movement and gesture. There is a science to the process, a discipline in the practice, applying the right balance of control and freedom of form. The work extends outside of the finished piece - it's a live process from conception, through making, to the presence it has in the space it inhabits.

A Collaboration between ATELIER DE GESTE and NO. Photography by SHANITA SIMS