Luxe Magazine / by Romy Northover


Discussing The KONEKT FURNITURE 'Pause' Collection for Luxe Magazine

Romy Northover - for Luxe

Romy Northover - for Luxe

Artist to artist:

Helena Sultan’s work sends a message to connect to the present. As with her company’s name, Konekt, the pieces themselves, titled Pause, are a beautiful and simple reminder to do just that.

On balance:

There is a conversation between these materials—the shiny and the matte, the warm and the cold. This complementary opposition displays a true understanding of balance.

Authenticity is what separates these pieces:

It’s clear Helena’s designs come from the heart and soul, and that really reads on a subliminal level.

Color play:

Cobalt, a precious pigment, is historically used in iconography, while rusty red imbues more of a wabi-sabi philosophy. I’m drawn to the tension this unexpected pairing of the chairs and background explores.

Last call:

The Pause pieces are bold, contoured, tactile and considered.