Modern Art For Your Wardrobe - Alex Eagle Collection / by Romy Northover

An exclusive story from artist Romy Northover and photographer Maxim Northover offers a monochrome take on Alex Eagle’s timeless modern classics.

Alex Eagle’s lines of timeless classics and bespoke tailored pieces represent a perfect storm of modernity, luxury and sensuality. Inspired by the ease and quality of men’s fashion, the collection channels the chic and purpose needed for a new start in 2018.

This energy is expressed in an exclusive editorial story directed by artist Romy Northover and photographed by Maxim Northover. Monochrome and elegantly erotic, the images demonstrate the tactility of the fabric and the quality of the cut; the simple perfection of beautifully made garments that work alone and together. From elegant flowing dresses, shirts and coats in silk and cashmere to tailored linen suits, Northover creates a new take on Eagle’s timeless modern classics.

Words: Tish Wrigley

The collection is available at ALEX EAGLE