Anniversary Magazine / by Romy Northover

Romy Northover x Silent Living : Language of Aesthetics by Eve Laliberté

Silent Living and Romy Northover unite to present Language of Aesthetics, a video produced by Cereal and directed by Raspberry & Jam. The video presents the latest installation realized by Northover on the grounds of Casa No Tempo. Located 1 hour south of Lisbon in Montemor o Novo, the house is part of Silent Living, a series of four curated residences in Portugal aiming to encourage quietness, time and place awareness.

The artist had planned to realize works in ceramic, but when she arrived, she instead let herself drift and got inspired by the spirit of the place, that had for long belonged to Silent Living family before being renovated by architect Manuel Aires Mateus.

For Casa No Tempo, Northover designed four sculpture using materials coming from the building itself. She located them on the grounds near the house, allowing for a new perspective of the residence.

Genuinely working with her connection to nature, Northover here created a work responding to Casa No Tempo timeless environment ; nurturing contemplation and peacefulness.